Publié : 9 décembre 2010
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This trip was from the 17th to 24th March. We went by the boat from Dieppe to New Heaven. After we took the coach to Brighton and Hove and we arrived at the Premier Inn. The next day we met City College’s students and stayed with them for the day.
The next day we cooked for ourselves, for exemple "ravioli" and other things, and after we had free time and each group did what they want.
After we visited the Brighton Pavillon and we ate Fish & Chips on Brighton Pier and we played casino games.
On other days in Brighton we and had on a visit to the Grand Hotel (with Scones,tea...), we cooked for the restaurant with Allan and Nikki, we visited a Farm where wine, fruit and vegetables were produced.
After we went to London and stayed at Thistle Hotel on Oxford Street.

In the evening we ate in a Pizzeria on Picadilly Circus and went to the musical comedy "Grease".
The next day which was actually the last day we had a breakfast in Thistle Hotel and we took the EuroStar back to Paris. And we stayed in the Novotel "Tour Eiffel" (Eiffel Tower) with swimming pool and sauna.

Marion D. et Théophile G. from Georges Baptiste College.