Publié : 9 décembre 2010
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My trip to Brighton

The INTERREG exchange is a way to meet people from different countries with different cultures but also learning more about one’s own capacities and to be more self-confident. This exchange is an opportunity to grow up and develop links with people that we propably never could meet without this kind of exchange.
That’s why this exchange was beneficial for all of us.

We went to Brighton in March after their coming to Rouen. The travel was very long but when we arrived in Brighton we thought we were in a movie : houses, girls and boys in uniforms, that was very different from France.
During the trip we went to their schools, which were also different from ours, we visited different monuments like The Royal Pavillion or Brighton Pier by night, that was beautiful ! With girls we were invited to a fashion show, but that was a funny surprise because we thought it would girls from different schools who would do the catwalk presentation but that was their moms... It was a very good evening. We went to London too to visit the Imperial War Museum but also the London Eye, and with no hesitation I prefer London Eye, the Museum was so boring.
All our free time were maybe the best way to learn more about their cultures but also about them. We were free and we could talk about anything we wanted with them.
That was the best way, and maybe the best memories we’ll keep after this exchange, because we had a lot of fun !
Well, during this exchange I thought I prefered free time.