Publié : 9 décembre 2010
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My exchange with the english students

I went to England from 16 to 21 May. We received them from 13 to 16 May in France ;we made lots of interesting visits like EANA Park, Montmartre and sewers in Paris .It was very interesting because we saw the developement of the environment. And after the 16 we went to England with the ferry it took us four hours,a very long travel ! At night when we arrived we had dinner at the hotel. The next day we visited the Stamner Park,an ecologic park ;we made lots of activities,we saw the houses of the future made with new materials. The next day we visited hove park and blatchington mill school, and we worked with English students on different topics, in groups. On the next day we went to London to visit the City. We visited the theatre of Shakespeare, and Covent garden. I liked this moment because it was very interesting. On the last day we returned to France. It was a good experience, because i saw a new country, with another culture and I met new friends and we kept in touch.