Publié : 9 décembre 2010
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Our visit to Rouen by Lydia and Beka

By Beka and Lydia

On March 13th -17th 2010 we went on an Interegg french exchange to Rouen, France. The trip was mainly history based. We stayed there for 5 days to work with Blatchington Mill students and french students from Lycée les Bruyères who then returned with us the following week back to england. Here is our brief overview of the trip, including our favourite memories..

We took the Seven Sisters ferry to Dieppe and had a very long coach journey to the hotel. After unpacking our stuff and settling in we went to have dinner at the school. We were surprised at how big the school was and enjoyed trying their food.
The next day we spent a lot of time at the school getting to know french students and finding out more about french schools and their culture. We worked in groups and had tours of the school. The highlight of the day for us was visiting the graves of french and english soldiers who had fought in World War 1 + 2. We went on a guided tour of Rouen town center which included visiting the memorial of Joan of arc which we really enjoyed because Rouen is such a beautiful and historical town. Over the next few days we visited Arromanche, and had lunch on the beach after having a guided tour of the museum and going to the 360 cinema. The cinema was a new experience for all of us and was very enjoyable but also a bit scary to feel like you are actually in the war. We learnt a lot from these educational experiences but also enjoyed our free time when we could go shopping and out for meals in Rouen. Back in England we enjoyed our visit to London, which included going onto the London Eye and going to the Imperial War Museum. One of the reasons the trip worked so well was because we made new friends with people who dont speak the same language as us. We did manage to communicate and all got on really well.

Coming back to France this December has been both nostalgic and very strange because we’re here with different students from different trips but we’ve already made new friends and enjoyed hearing about their trips too. Coming back though has reminded us of all the fun we had here and all the great memories of our time here in France.

By Lydia Ralph and Beka Bray