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  • My experience in England - Décembre 2010

    In march, we had an exchange with Brighton
    They came in Lycée les Bruyères and we went to Blachington mill school and Hove Park.
    I have really appreciated the group who was very kind and open minded.
    Our relationship with english students was good. Thanks to this exchange I managed to improve my english. It was the best travel i’ve did !

  • May 2001 Interreg Exchange- Rouen - Décembre 2010

    I really enjoyed the French exchange in May 2010, i was introduced to alot of new people from both the French side and from Hove Park, and have made many new friendships including being connected via Facebook with the French and still very good friends with all of the Hove Park students, whilst being able to meet up with them on regular occassions.
    I thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities we experienced , and learnt alot about sustainability from both the EANA Sustainable Park in France (...)

  • My amazing trip in England - Décembre 2010

    They went in england in 2009 whith every people of my classroom.
    So they are going in Brighton one week and two days in London and two days in Paris.
    In brighton we cooked in the city college with our english partener to Gala menu. During the trip, we have past a great night with english partener in Thistle Hotel near oxford street. After we went in Opera to saw Grease, it’s very nice ! icones_peda

    But in England when you havent 18 years old, you don’t buy alcool
    In Brighton we went in BrightonPiers there are a big CAsino games, it’s situated on the sea. An other day we went in Grant Hotel to drink tee and eat patisserie.icones_peda

    Thanks for this great trip !

  • Hannah and Alice - interreg - May 2010 - Décembre 2010

    We really enjoyed staying in Rouen and meeting all the french students, who we have stayed in contact with via facebook and msn. During our time in France we visited the EANA sustainable development park which was very interesting ; we learnt how to die clothes organically and all about regional herbs and plants.
    During our time in England we visited Brighton sewers, this was very interesting although smelly too ! We had a guided tour and learnt all about the sewers, which we then (...)

  • French Trip - Décembre 2010

    This is the first time i have been on the french interreg exchange trip. the journey here took so long two and a half hours to get to folkeston in england half an hour on the channel tunnel and then another two and a half hours to get to the hotel. the first night we walked into town to look around the shops for an hour, after that we walked to a resturante and ate for abit then after the meal we walked back to the hotel but on the way to the hotel we stopped to see if the shopping centre (...)

  • FRANCE - Décembre 2010

    On tuesday 7th December we arrived in Rouen, France icones_peda
    First of all we settled in to our hotel at st sever, hotel rouen. Then we walked around the town, it was very pretty with all of the christmas lights. In the evening we went and had dinner at la pasta, it was a set menu and it included drinks, main course and dessert. It was very nice especially the chocolate mousse. Then we went back to our hotel and some of us plyed cluedo, it was an enjoyable night.

  • Interreg Rouen May 2010 - Décembre 2010

    In May i went on Interreg
    We met new friends both french and from other english schools
    Activitities where varied
    I Had a good time !

  • Rouen-Brighton Exchange March 2010 - Décembre 2010

    Rouen-Brighton Exchange

    In March 2010 students from Hove Park and Blatchington Mill schools in Brighton and Hove took part in a cross-curricular exchange with students from Lycée les Bruyères. We spent 5 days staying in Rouen and then the French students travelled back with us to Brighton.

    The focus of the trip was to study the roles of Britain and France during the Second World War and how the people in both countries in both countries were affected. While we were in France we visited the site of the D Day landings and visited a museum about how the America and Britain managed to free France from the Nazis. This was very interesting because we have studied D day before in school and it made it seem mluch more real to see where the ships actually landed. When we came back to England we visited the Imperial War Museum in London and saw an exhibition about the ministry of food during WWII. The exhibits were all about rationing and war austerity. It was fascinating to see how the war affected civilians instead of soldiers.

    Another important part of the trip was the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of another country. While we were staying in Rouen we visited the incredible gothic cathedral and saw the site where Joan of Arc is said to have been burned at the stake. When we were back in England we showed the Rouen students around the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton museum.

    Overall, I found this trip interesting and enjoyable. I think it would be brilliant if the partnership with Lycée les Bruyères continued so more trips like these could be arranged. I have made lots of good friends and would like to return if more trips are available.

  • My exchange with the english students - Décembre 2010

    I went to England from 16 to 21 May. We received them from 13 to 16 May in France ;we made lots of interesting visits like EANA Park, Montmartre and sewers in Paris .It was very interesting because we saw the developement of the environment. And after the 16 we went to England with the ferry it took us four hours,a very long travel ! At night when we arrived we had dinner at the hotel. The next day we visited the Stamner Park,an ecologic park ;we made lots of activities,we saw the houses (...)

  • OUR TRIP IN ENGLAND ! - Décembre 2010

    This trip was from the 17th to 24th March. We went by the boat from Dieppe to New Heaven. After we took the coach to Brighton and Hove and we arrived at the Premier Inn. The next day we met City College’s students and stayed with them for the day.
    The next day we cooked for ourselves, for exemple "ravioli" and other things, and after we had free time and each group did what they want.
    After we visited the Brighton Pavillon and we ate Fish & Chips on Brighton Pier and we played casino (...)

  • My trip in England. - Décembre 2010

    Let me introduce my trip in England.
    First of all, I learnt a lot of things about English and French history, it was extremely interresting !
    Besides, I enjoyed this trip for shopping in Churchill Square, and the visit in Brighton Palace Pier.
    All in all, I liked this trip because I met many students, and they are so cool, they taught me new vocabulary and new sentences that I didn’t known (...)

  • Mon Voyage en Angleterre - Décembre 2010

    Hello !

    My name is Manon , I very enjoy my trip in England , beacause it was very interesting , I learn lot of think about the first and second World War , I liked the hotel where we were sleept .

    What I prefere thing about this trip is the visit of London when we saw the big ben , the tower bridge ...

    I liked the visit in Paris too , it was very so cool , we had choose of the visit to the War museum or went to the effeil tower .

  • My trip in Brighton - Décembre 2010

    Hey !!
    Let me tell you a few words about my trip in Brighton.
    First of all, I learnt many things in history and much vocabulary
    This trip was really cool and funny.
    On top of that, I think that this trip is really important for knowing the English life.
    I like English shops.
    In the Ferry, many people were sick...
    The English schools are different from ours, they have many options and they wear a uniform.
    We saw tower bridge, the cenotaph, covent garden, brighton pier. And many other (...)

  • My Trip In England - Décembre 2010

    Hello let me tell you a few words about my trip in England .
    First of all , I enjoyed my trip in England because I learnt many things about England, its history with France in WW1 & WW2 . I learnt a lot of vocabulary , its school system , its food , its cities , its culture .
    English people are very cool and happy , they are interesting .
    To conclude , On the trip , I prefered the visit of London , beacause it’s the Capital of England . I’ts a very big city , funny . In London (...)

  • Our visit to Rouen by Lydia and Beka - Décembre 2010

    On March 13th -17th 2010 we went on an Interegg french exchange to Rouen, France. The trip was mainly history based. We stayed there for 5 days to work with Blatchington Mill students and french students from Lycée les Bruyères who then returned with us the following week back to england. Here is our brief overview of the trip, including our favourite memories..
    We took the Seven Sisters ferry to Dieppe and had a very long coach journey to the hotel. After unpacking our stuff and settling in (...)

  • TRIP TO BRIGHTON - Décembre 2010

    A few months ago we went to England.
    Before we went there, some English students came in our school. We guided them and explained how school and how days are organised in France.
    When we went to Brighton we also visited their schools and we discovered their way of studying and their time tables, what hour is their lunchtime, their curriculum.
    And each of us discovered the schoolsystem of the other.
    We also visited London. We spent one day in this city.
    We visited the imperial war museum, (...)

  • TRIP TO ARROMANCHE - Décembre 2010

    When the English students came in rouen we went with them to visit Arromanches. We visited a museum of the World War II, and then the city and the beach.

  • interreg at city college - Décembre 2010

    Durring the interreg Prodget it was one of the duties to provide a gala dinner for the public to experience the two cultures for our gala the menu was
    Amuse bouche
    Chicken liver parfait with spiced fruit chutney
    Aranchini with crab and a basil and olive oil infusion
    Crispy Confit of duck leg with a caramelised shallot and red wine jus,Dauphine potatoes and carrot mousse
    Grilled crostini of goats cheese with mint
    Normandy desserts
    during this event we had to show the french what they (...)

  • My trip to Brighton - Décembre 2010

    The INTERREG exchange is a way to meet people from different countries with different cultures but also learning more about one’s own capacities and to be more self-confident. This exchange is an opportunity to grow up and develop links with people that we propably never could meet without this kind of exchange. That’s why this exchange was beneficial for all of us.
    We went to Brighton in March after their coming to Rouen. The travel was very long but when we arrived in Brighton we thought (...)

  • Meeting French Students - Décembre 2010

    When we first met the French students, everyone was a bit quiet as only one of the french students could speak english, and we only spoke very little french. What i really enjoyed about the interreg, was meeting other catering students from another country. It was also good working with the French students as they made very intracite desserts compared to us. What i remembered most was when we went to Paris and visited the sites like The Eiffel tower and The Art de Triumph.
    It was fun (...)

  • Billy’s, Anders’ and Jordan’s French Adventure - Décembre 2010

    On the 7th December, we departed from Blatchington Mill and made our way to the Euro Tunnel to get to our destination. After a short train journey...(but long coach journey) we arrived in france. We went for a walk around the town and explored Rouen’s "christmassy" vibe. We then met Bills on our travels (An air cadet... not an army cadet) from Hove park who became chums with us. We continued our journey, only to come to a hault at a Crepe stand in which we preceeded to purchase a nutella (...)